Increasing Field Length Restrictions

I had limited a field in our 'Alternator' content type to 50 characters. Our client wanted the field to be bigger, and Drupal by default says, "

This is the solution I applied, in template.php:

I renamed the methods to match the template. Then I called the function in an inconspicuous place on the site. It worked like a charm.

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The Intention:
APC, or Alternative PHP Cache can benefit performance of a Drupal site by caching core php functions.

The Configuration:
WAMP 2.4 32 bit
Windows Server 2012
PHP 5.4.16

The Problem:
Since we're on Windows, we need a .dll to put in our php ext folder. I went, naturally, to the following site: This site gives you three options at the time of writing this post: 3.1.11, 3.1.12, 3.1.13. None of these work.

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