PHP, $_POST, and Multiple Checkbox Values

I translated a tool from VB to PHP so that we could plug it in as a Drupal module.
There should be another journal entry about the lessons in bitness, thread safety, WAMP administration, and a handful of other hard lessons learned while deploying this tool, but for now we'll focus on a smaller bug dealing with HTML Checkboxes and the way PHP deals with them once the submit button is pushed.

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The Intention:
APC, or Alternative PHP Cache can benefit performance of a Drupal site by caching core php functions.

The Configuration:
WAMP 2.4 32 bit
Windows Server 2012
PHP 5.4.16

The Problem:
Since we're on Windows, we need a .dll to put in our php ext folder. I went, naturally, to the following site: This site gives you three options at the time of writing this post: 3.1.11, 3.1.12, 3.1.13. None of these work.

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A Fitting Start.

The grand intention was to make a Drupal/WAMP/Windows Server guide for training our team and making sure the setup is maintainable in my absence.

Second, I wanted a record of all the configuration changes I've made to the server for my own selfish reasons so that I can recall intentions, solutions, settings, and resources quickly.

Third, I wanted to help other folks who are slamming their heads against a wall trying to get WAMP to work. Honestly, it's a fight. We'll consider opening this up to the public at a later date.

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