The SANDPIPER site is a responsive, product-driven website very comparable to another project, ADS Environmental Services. These sites were concurrently developed.
As it were, many of the mechanisms used in the ADS site were developed initially for the SANDPIPER site, then a significant deadline driving event was delayed, and the ADS site launched first.
What sets SANDPIPER apart is the first use of a 'Blog' for our business unit leaders to use for marketing communication.
I'm typically very hesitant to suggest using social media or a tool such as a blog, since poor execution of them is far worse than not having them at all.
I'm confident that our communicator at the business unit will execute this feature very well, so we went ahead without reservation.
The product category pages are dynamic through Drupal's taxonomy system. Site design is responsive.
A micro-site was also created at http://rsvp.sandpiperpump.com to promote an upcoming sales conference.

Launch Project