Keeping this one brief...
I got excited once the first import worked so well, and operated so quickly.
I then wrote some more specific import strings for the 'load data infile' command.

This next one dictates the intended targets of each sequential column in the .csv.

It's worth stating that I had to change my Windows default separator for a .csv to a semicolon, as some of our fields had regular commas in them.

mysql> load data infile 'c:\\wamp\\tmp\\ARO.csv' into table pumps fields termina
ted by ';' optionally enclosed by '"' (field_PumpModelNumber,field_KitNumber,fie
field_DiaphragmElastomerMaterial,field_AirValveType,field_PumpConstruction) set

So we use the same load data infile command as the first CSV to MySQL article. We add an 'optionally enclosed' for some issues we had with 1" in a field. Then we dictate the fields for our columns in parenthesis, and set our primary key field to NULL so that the MySQL overrides with an autonumber.